Monday, June 2, 2008

Living In Texas - Glad Bad Sad & Mad

Living In Texas, despite their name, were from England, not Texas. They released several records in the 80s on their own Chainsaw label, but judging by the lack of any fan websites, they never made much of an impact. That's a shame, because they recorded two of the best raucous guitar songs of the decade, and they are both on their 1985 EP, Glad Bad Sad & Mad. "The Girls in the Red Leather Coat" is built on Peggy Lee's "Fever" riff (and they even acknowledge it in the lyrics), and "Mr Fish", possibly about murderer Albert Fish ("Mr Fish swam home last night / Ate his wife and kids for tea") but a real rocker whatever the lyrical subject. The band consisted of Stephan James (vocals), Daniel Glee (guitars), Mathew Fraser (drums), and Nic Denton (bass) on this record; later releases added a second guitarist, Jeffrey Wallace. Glee also produced most of the band's record sleeve art, including this one. Glad Bad Sad & Mad was their finest moment, and is the first of four or five Living In Texas records I will be presenting. Get the vinyl rip here or here. (And about the distortion: it's the record, not the rip. It was cut way too loud.)

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