Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Furniture - The Lovemongers

By the time Furniture scored their two big hits in 1986, "Brilliant Mind" and "Love Your Shoes" from their Stiff Records album The Wrong People, they had already been together for seven years and released a string of singles and EPs on Survival Records and its subsidiary Premonition. Premonition also released a full Furniture album called The Lovemongers, which is an original album and not merely a collection of their single and EP tracks. The full track list is as follows:
  1. The Lovemongers
  2. Throw Away the Script
  3. Love Your Shoes (original version; rerecorded for Stiff)
  4. Escape Into My Arms (original version; rerecorded for Stiff)
  5. What the Fog Said
  6. Dancing the Hard Bargain (a 1984 single & Survival compilation track)
  7. Bullet
  8. Talking Kitten
  9. Sang Froid
  10. I Can't Crack (a 1985 single)

If you know Furniture then you'll already know what this sounds like; pick up the vinyl rip (here or here) for more of the same dinky organ and lounge-y crooning, plus some more introspective pieces in the vein of It's Immaterial. Furniture were unfortunate victims of the record business, getting lost in the shuffle with the sale of Stiff Records and never regaining their momentum, despite releasing one more album, Food, Sex & Paranoia, on Arista in 1989. Their spirit lives on, however, in the contemporary San Francisco band The Music Lovers.


elektro said...

Thanks again for this great music, I love the musical period 1980-1986, thanks for this amazing blog ;-)

Fantod said...

You're welcome, thanks for visiting! Those were certainly good years for music (although there was a lot of bad music then too).


elektro said...

I'm agree with you Fantod, in the 80s there was a lot of crap music too...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Have you got the albums by "The Music Lovers" to download? PLEEEEASE!!!!!!!!

Fantod said...

Oh, I have them, but it is my policy not to offer music that is still in print. I have found that an emusic subscription is the cheapest way to get legal, DRM-free mp3s by a huge variety of artists, including The Music Lovers.