Sunday, March 19, 2023

Vigil - the lost second album

You may have seen my previous posts on Baltimore/Washington area band Vigil (FKA Here Today). Their second album, On To Beggar and Bitter Things, was slated for release in 1990, but was shelved after the band broke up. At long last the album is now available to the public via Bandcamp, with cassette, CD, and digital download format options:

This album was recorded in 1988 at Sheffield Audio/Video in Maryland. It was mixed at Sheffield in 1989 by Bill Mueller and produced by VIGIL and Sam Prager.
All songs written by VIGIL except Thirteen which was written by VIGIL and C. Macsherry
Special thanks to Bruce Dickinson (Vigil, Tragically Hip), Dirk Griffin, Howard Thompson (P. Furs, 10K Maniacs, Garbage) and John Anthony (Genesis, Queen, Tubes, Ace).

Jo Connor - singing, guitars
Andy R. - guitars
Gregg Maizel - bass
X-factor - drums

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