Thursday, April 3, 2008

VA - Breaking the Back of Love (1985)

The Breaking the Back of Love various-artists compilation was released by Saderal in 1985, featuring the kind of Gothic funk acts that Illuminated was known for. In fact, some of the acts were even on Illuminated, and had been featured on the previous year's Illuminated megamix, Heavy Duty Breaks, an excerpt of which appears here as "Heavy Duty Brakes." Here we also have The Leather Nun's notorious fisting song, "F.F.A.," retitled as "F.F. America." But there are also some little-known gems here: Colour Me Pop's "Beat Me Till I'm Blue" chugs along nicely with some bongos and a lead bass, and Out's "Business As Usual" builds on a catchy synth hook for a song that could have been an alternative club hit if the stars had aligned right. The cover model is Lilly A.K. (I think), who has two songs on here. "Passionate Strangers" is a soaring, fast-tempo number that reminds me of another forgotten classic, "Life's Illusion" by Ice the Falling Rain (coming here soon), and "Take Me Now," with Youth, sounds like Food-era Brilliant (no surprise there). Who was Lilly A.K.? Whatever happened to her? She sings two songs on here, she sang some backing vocals on an Edward Ka-Spel album, and other than that I've turned up nothing. If you have any further information on her, please let me know in the comments. The full track listing is:
A1 400 Blows Pressure
A2 Lilly A.K. and Youth Take Me Now
A3 Portion Control Raise The Pulse
A4 Out Business As Usual
A5 Colour Me Pop Beat Me Till I'm Blue
A6 The Leather Nun F.F. America
B1 Lilly A.K. Passionate Strangers
B2 Sex Gang Children Into The Abyss
B3 Colour Me Pop Go
B4 Heavy Duty Brakes Heavy Duty Brakes
B5 Dormannu Degenerate
I've added two bonus songs, stragglers by bands already on the album : "Tough Enough" by Out (from a 12" single) and "The Girl Who Shares My Shirts" by Colour Me Pop (the A-side whose B-side is "Beat Me Till I'm Blue"). Get it all here or here.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any information on why the LP cover has the provocative design it does? I used to have this (maybe still do - i should check)- saw the cover the other side of the room in dim light without my glasses on and almost jumped 20 feet. Accidental or deliberate?

Eden 263 said...

Fantod, another gem, and this time with the might of 400 Blows aboard. Do you have any of their stuff? They rocked imho. I love the Lilly AK tracks, don't know why, just do. I have this on vinyl too, but need this for portability....


Grady said...

Lilly was a grrl from Geodieland who hung out in London, hung around studios and was looking for a production deal which she sorta had, but didn't seem too happy with it. Not heard of (by me) since the late 80s. One assumes she went back to the NE, got married-up (?); sprogged-up (?) and put it all down to experience. A pity, as she had enough talent and determination to do more, but just didn't know how to make (and keep) friends.
Lilly, if you're out there let us know what you're up to.

the saucer people said...

Hi there

Is there any chance of you reposting the 1985 Back Of Love compilation with all the Illuminated artists on it? I have never seen it anywhere for the cover they were obviously taking a cue from the infamous Birthday Party sleeve...notice it is turned to the Mr. Swastika has painstakingly document the swastika is an ancient symbol not the exclusive property of the third reich.

Also thanks to Grady (above) for filling us in on Lilly AK...a great example of the fact that talent alone does not mean success....such a shame she did not do more tracks with Youth...I imagine they could have gone on and made so great music together.

Likewise Lilly AK, if you are out there let us know what happened between then and now!

Fantod said...

New links:

karen.a1 said...
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photomuso said...
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Fantod said...

Lilly/Karen, how wonderful to hear from you, and even moreso to learn you are still making music! Lovely stuff, and the photos are gorgeous. Thank you for the note!


Fantod said...

Karen, one more thing: I have always wondered, is that you on this record cover?


photomuso said...
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Zack Powell said...

I missed this wonderful blog, all download links are dead today... Is there any chances to get some new links for a few exclusive LP's posted in here?? It would be so much appreciated Fantod.

Thanks a lot for your work on this blog! One love