Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Box - Muscle In

After 1984's Great Moments in Big Slam LP (which I missed getting, somehow), The Box were dropped from Go! Discs. They recorded four more tracks in Cabaret Voltaire's Western Works studio in October 1984 and released them on the Cabs' Doublevision label as Muscle In (DVR 10). The manic Box energy is still there, but Charlie Collins's woodwinds are notably more melodic; take away the vocals and some of this material could pass for A Primary Industry (or their later incarnation, Ultramarine). Richard Kirk produced "radical remixes" of two of the tracks for a promotional 12", DVR P1.

According to this was a very limited edition, with as few as 200 copies pressed. Fortunately I have one of them, so I've included the so-called Muscle Mix 12" as well. Links removed: track reissued on Peter Hope's Exploding Mind - Hoodoo Dance.


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for these Box posts. Having read "Industrial Evolution" by Mick Fish, has got the best of my curiousity.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

This is great stuff so thanks. I can provide a vinyl copy of "Great Moments In Big Slam" free of charge if you are willing to convert to mp3.

Fantod said...

That would be awesome, I am certainly willing to convert it to mp3! Drop me an email at funderglass at yahoo and we'll work out the details. Thanks!

Novemberer said...

Now then, am I mistaken or was The Box's last ever release a live LP called Muscle Out? Or did I imagine it?

Many thanks for all these excellent Box uploads btw. x

Fantod said...

You are correct, the live Muscle Out was their last release. That dropped off my radar, but I shall renew my efforts to find a copy to post here, for completeness' sake.

And you're welcome!


Nick said...

I have The Winkies album and would happily part with it if you can convert it into mp3s for me and all - and I once saw them live! Just accessed my ancient record collection and was lead to your fab site through looking up The Box albums. Erm...I'm new to all this so dunno what happens next.

Fantod said...

Hello Nick, thanks for your offer! I've scoured the web again looking for a rip of the Winkies LP to save you some trouble, but still no luck. Email me at funderglass at yahoo dot com and we can discuss a digitization project.