Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pinski Zoo - The Dizzy Dance Record

In the same vein as The Box, Rip Rig & Panic, etc. (which is to say, no-wave free-jazz skronk, but without the vocals) was reedman Jan Kopinski's Pinski Zoo, from Nottingham. Or that should be is, since amazingly, the band is still active. Here is the info on this 1982 record, Pinski Zoo's second, from Kopinski's own website:

JAN KOPINSKI tenor / soprano saxophones / voice
STEVE ILIFFE electric grand piano / harmonium
MICK NOLAN percussion

1. It’s a Monster Steve
2. Spasm and Split
3. Dizzy Dance
4. Erase My Memory

For this 12” mini LP, Jan collaborated with famous Dub producer, Adrian Sherwood, who produced it at Berry street Studios. Dizzy Dance is about trying to hear many harmonies and rhythms as if they were crossing the street at once and picking your way through it. Steve Iliffe’s use of the harmonium is an interesting clue to his later masterful use of sounds with keys and samplers in the 90’s.

It came in a plain white open-centered sleeve--at least mine did--so there's no cover art. That's okay, because the music is great! Get it here or here.

Update: a helpful chap has found a cover image for me, I've placed it below. I will eventually incorporate it into the archive file, re-upload, and re-link; in the meantime, right-click below as Save Image As...


Reimer said...

Thanks a lot for this - PZ are an interesting bunch. I really must re-rip 'Rare Breeds' and get a turntable to rip some vinyl I have of their's.

Nice sort-of-niche you've hewn with your ethically-sound OOP blog too.

david_grundy said...

Hi - just came across this blog while researching some of the 'punk jazz'/no wave sort of stuff which you've covered very nicely! good work!

Fantod said...

Thank you David, and I am going to start following Eartrip!


Novemberer said...

Many thanks for this one, I'm from Nottingham but Pnksi Zoo are a bit before my time, always wondered what they sounded like...