Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chain - Banging on the House/Chains 12"

Here's another of singer Peter Hope's post-Box collaborations from 1985 (I think; there's no date on the record or the sleeve), this one with Mark Estdale as Chain. Estdale was an audio engineer who worked on several great Sheffield records, many by Hula (who are really my favorites from that scene, but will not be included here since they have reissued their records for paid digital download); in Chain he contributes "drums and programming." Chain only released this 12" single (Native Records NTV 2): "Banging on the House" (with Robin Markin on piano, Simon DC Markham on bass, and Elaine Mcleod on backing vocals) backed with "Chains" (with Alan Russell on guitar, a press hammer sample from Dexian Ilust, a high tom sample from Hula's drummer Nort, and bass from someone uncredited, I would guess it's Markham again). "Chains" has the edge here, working into a killer funk groove a few minutes in, another Lost Classic, but the A-side is perfectly good industrial funk as well. Links removed: track reissued on Peter Hope's Exploding Mind - Hoodoo Dance.


Mark said...

The bass was created with a tape loop and a wonderful little trigger unit created by Drawmer. (can't remember its name - it was the only one I ever saw - I think it got ditched soon after release) Mark Brydon (Chakk / Moloko) came in and jammed a quick bass line and i cut together a few phrases from the jam to create the bass. All tape, razor blades and spinning stuff in. None of that wave editing nonsense!!!
Mark Estdale

Fantod said...

Mark, thanks for that comment two years ago! Who says I never come round anymore?