Sunday, April 27, 2008

Various Artists - The Invisible Frame

This 1983 mini-LP from Future Records contains two postpunk classics, "Lifes Illusion" by Ice the Falling Rain and "Telecommunication" by Blitz (actually a Blitz splinter band led by original Blitz singer Carl Fisher). Here's the full track listing:
A1 Blitz Telecommunication
A2 Ice The Falling Rain Lifes Illusion
A3 Two Regime
B1 And Also The Trees Wallpaper Dying
B2 Rhythm & Faith Young Too Young Girl
B3 The Visit All The Walls
Get it here or here.

"Telecommunication" appears on the Blitz album Second Empire Justice. I thought I would rip that and post it, but someone else has already done it: see Hangover Heart Attack. Here are a few more records that fall into that same category (i.e. I was gonna post it, but someone else already did):


Salty Miss Jill said...

I may need to put on my sequined tube top and bamboo hoop earrings in order to earn my money the old fashioned way so that I can go get a new computer and grab some of this music you've been putting up here.

Fantod said...

Charge it! That's what we just did for the Mrs.; her old laptop was pathetically wheezing along, just barely. The new one arrived today and it's gorgeous!

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Can u plz re-up Various Artists - The Invisible Frame ?

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