Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Models - Sight and Sound

Boston-based new wave band New Models released one single ("Permanent Vacation") and a five-song EP, Sight and Sound (PVC Records, 1983). I've never managed to find a copy of the single, but I've had the EP for twenty-odd years. The band was led by Casey Lindstrom (guitar, vocals, synthesizer, songwriting) and also included Steven Thurber (synthesizer, machines, vocals) and Michael Johnson (drums). Lindstrom was already a veteran of the Boston club scene, having previously been a member of The Jets, Easy Action, and others. (There are some fun pics of those early years on his sister's website, Boston Groupie News.) He would later be part of Ric Ocasek's touring band, and then went on to form punk/metal band Shake the Faith. But in 1983 "new wave" was the order of the day, and Sight and Sound is a competent stab at it. The hooks are undeniable, and while the whole thing threatens to slip into AOR cliché at any moment, it never quite does. The overall sound bears a strong resemblance to John Foxx-era Ultravox (especially Systems of Romance), though Lindstrom can't touch Foxx's visionary lyrics. Get it here or here.

Update (4/1): I found mp3's of "Permanent Vacation" on two blogs:
Reckless Country Soul
Killed By Death Records

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fiftypercent said...

Just took a chance on this record at the record store, nice to know it wasn't too bad.