Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vital Excursions - Give!

From the "If you like Pigbag" department, here is the only album by Vital Excursions, Give! (1982). Vital Excursions was led by saxophonist/flautist Tony Wrafter, and had a Pigbag-style lineup of:
  • Voice: Angela Stewart
  • Kit: Dan Sheals
  • Bass: Moen Parera
  • Viola: Sara Sarahandi
  • Bass Violin (isn't that a cello?): Pete Brandt
  • Piano: Fiona Fleck
  • Congas: Steve Lewis
  • Trombone: John Fairbrother
  • Percussion: Paul (Nellie) Hooper
There is a real, albeit circuitous, relationship to Pigbag as well: Wrafter had been a member of Maximum Joy, which included former members of The Pop Group (John Waddington and Dan Catsis), while Pigbag also included a former Pop Group member (Simon Underwood). Wrafter and Catsis were also both members of the Glaxo Babies, as was fellow Maximum Joy member Charlie Llewellin. Clear as mud. Give! is sometimes listed as a mini-LP because it contains just six songs. It's actually a full-length album, though, because the track that takes up all of side two, "Going to the Give", is over eighteen minutes long. It combines rock and Eastern musical styles, prefiguring Eric Random's Ishmael LP which came out three years later. The five songs on side one sound like Pigbag for the most part, with the exception of the mellow jazz "In the Swim." So if you like Pigbag, get the Vital Excursions vinyl rip here or here.


Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

Monster lp.
thank you!

the saucer people said...

Just to echo what the excellent Box Of Toys blog said, its monsterously excellent....I am listening to the 'Going To Give' track now and it sounds like it could have been released last Monday, never mind nearly thirty years ago. The rhythms are so locked down and yet given to multiple lines of flight....astounding album and thank you so much for sharing as I am sure without your post I would have never heard it in my lifetime.

Fantod said...

I am always thrilled when someone loves one of my old records as much as I do. Thank you for the comments, and thanks to Gianni for reposting "Going to the Give"!


MD said...


just discovered your great blog! Could be so nice re-upload this LP?

Thousand Thanks in Advance!

kosmikino said...

I lost the rip of the Give album in a hard drive crash and then could not remember the name of the band who did the b-side 'Going To The Give' and it has haunted me!

I kept thinking it was on Y Records, I knew it had an association with bands from that era, then I tried Rough Trade, Illuminated and Fetish discographies to see if it would ring a bell, but I could not find anything (now I realise it was on a private press so I would have never found it).

When I left a comment for Blue Rondo to announce the reissue, something stirred in the brain cells and I had a moment of illumination when I realised it was Fantod who posted the album!

I don't have a record player so I am hoping some kind soul will provide a link (I am happy to pay or swap something in my vast digital/CD collection for it, especially if a FLAC/WAV version of the b-side could be swapped!).

I'll have to find a new obsession now!