Saturday, May 24, 2008

David Harrow - The Succession

Before coming up with his James Hardway and Technova aliases in the mid-90s, David Harrow had already been recording under his given name for about 15 years. According to
His first recordings were created in Berlin in 1981/1982 when he was working with a woman called Anne Clark. The sound they created was soon termed new beat or industrial and along with DAF they kick started the European electronic dance scene. When Harrow visits Germany today, he is still hailed "The Godfather Of Techno".
Later in the 80s and into the 90s, Harrow would collaborate heavily with Genesis P-Orridge, Jah Wobble, and Adrian Sherwood. He also recorded an EP with singer Peter Hope of Sheffield band The Box in 1985, posted here. Often overlooked, though, is the solo album he recorded in 1983 for release on Red Flame/10 Records , The Succession. Harrow assembled quite a band for the occasion: John White, a.k.a. U.V. Pop (!), on guitar and saxophone, Roger Quail (of The Box and the original ClockDVA lineup) on drums and percussion, Gary Malkin on bass (who? can't find any more info on him), and Janice Chaplin (?) on backing vocals. Harrow is credited with vocals, keyboards, guitar, and percussion. He is obviously not very comfortable as a singer: he tries out several different singing styles throughout the course of the album, but none quite fit. His compositional and instrumental skills, on the other hand, are already fully developed even on this early record. The track listing is:
  • A1 Introduction
  • A2 Without Sin
  • A3 Driving Force
  • A4 Our Little Girl
  • A5 Here
  • B1 Kick
  • B2 Still Optimistic
  • B3 Civilised
  • B4 Belief
Get the vinyl rip here or here. (Links removed at artist's request: look for reissues!)


Anonymous said...

hi david harrow here
thanks for the kind words and exposure
but i gotta ask you to take all my records down please
as thyey are just about to be rereleased

you can contact me at

Anonymous said...

That's great newsW Maybe this time around sales will reach, why - double figures? Good luck, David.