Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pigbag live

Pigbag (full band history here) was a fantastic melting pot of rock, funk, jazz, and Latin styles; unfortunately they were only together for three years, 1980-83. After the breakup, Y Records released this album of odds and ends, containing seven live tracks from five shows and a remix of "Jump the Line." Most notable are the live versions of "Sunny Day" and "Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag," and a cover of the Norman Whitfield/Barrett Strong classic "Smiling Faces (Sometimes)" which did not appear on any of Pigbag's studio albums. The full track listing is:
A1 Shack of Scraps Live - Berlin Latin Quarter - 5th April 1983
A2 Smiling Faces Live - Berlin Latin Quarter - 5th April 1983
A3 Sunny Day Live - Birmingham Locarno - 17th March 1982
A4 Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag Live - Hammersmith Palais - 16th March 1982
B1 Jump The Line Remix - Jacobs Studio - December 1982
B2 Global Terrain Live - Berlin Latin Quarter - 5th April 1983
B3 End of Ubud Live - Munich Alabama Hall - 6th April 1983
B4 Can't See for Looking Live - Tokyo Sun Plaza - July 1982

Get the vinyl rip here or here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! This is a great find.


Fantod said...

You're welcome! I'm a big fan of your blog, I'm glad I could return the favor.

Anonymous said...

fantastic! thanks

cubesville said...

Great album. Haven't listened to it for ages - remember great vocal tracks on it. Especially Smiling Faces and Shack of Scraps. Links aren't working. Give us a shout if you get them going again:) Cool

Fantod said...

I just checked the links: the Rapidshare link worked for me, but the zshare link didn't, so I've replaced that with a Megaupload link. Hope of them works for you.

ROOKSBY said...

Great stuff, & nigh in impossible to find these days. Many thanks for bothering... x

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for these recordings I didn't know before now !
Good times !