Friday, May 23, 2008

Cosmetic - Get Ready

I had a more substantial post planned--the sole album by 80s funk band Cosmetic--but as luck would have it, EduFunKY just posted it to the Boogie Grooves blog yesterday. At least I checked before I ripped this time! So I'll just offer up this addendum, their 1982 12" single (non-LP) of "Get Ready," the 1966 Temptations song written by Smokey Robinson and recharted by Rare Earth in 1970. Cosmetic's was more or less a pop vehicle for Philadelphia-born electric bassist (and Ornette Coleman protege) Jamaaladeen Tacuma, so if you like kinetic basslines, this is a must have. The lead vocals are by Veronica Johnson, about whom I have no information whatsoever. The B-side, "Put It On," is a ska instrumental with some unusual guitar chords, as if Andy Summers sat in with the (English) Beat. The full band line-up is:
  • Jamaaladeen Tacuma: electrical bass guitar
  • Timothy Murphy: electrical guitar/effects
  • Rick McClary: drums/percussion
  • James Watkins: guest saxophonist
  • Veronica Johnson: lead vocal on Get Ready
  • Greg Allen: Trumpet on Get Ready
  • Bill Brecker: Korg synthesizer on Put It On lists this as a Gramavision (US) release, but this rip is taken from the UK Rough Trade pressing. Get it here or here.


Salty Miss Jill said...

Lawd Awmighty, what a hideous album cover.
Thank Liberace the 80's are over for good.

Fantod said...

That's nothing, you should see the back photo from their album "So Tranquilizin'".

steve dray said...

hey bill
sorry for lack of contact
i will send you the moses ep when i get a moment

i've been after this for years me and Bill davies used to listen to it in the very early days of Slab
many thanks for putting it back up

steve dray

Anonymous said...

never mind about the photos - re upload please