Friday, May 16, 2008

Royal Family and the Poor - Live 1983-1985

Royal Family and the Poor is the musical vehicle of Michael Keane of Liverpool. Keane is steeped in mystical and occult traditions, and his best work (which is most of it) conveys all the attendant beauty, joy, fear, and mystery of his spiritual endeavors, by turns gentle and powerful. After two albums for Factory Records, Keane left the label and signed up with Bourbonese Qualk's Recloose Organization. The vinyl fruit of that alliance is a single album, Live 1983-1985. The performances capture the gentle side of Keane's musical vision as he sings over a drum machine and backing synths. The tracks and recording dates are as follows:
  1. Restrained in a Moment (which Keane introduces by its alternate title, "I Love You") - London, 24.1.85
  2. Dawn Song - Edinburgh, 5.2.85
  3. Visions - Glasgow, 6.2.85
  4. Transparent - Liverpool, 2.4.85
  5. Something Someone - Stafford, 6.5.83
  6. Destiny - Stafford, 6.5.83
  7. Heartbeat - Edinbugh, 5.2.85

Live 1983-1985 was issued in a limited edition of 1,000 copies. It was not reissued on CD by LTM's Boutique label along with the rest of the Royal Family and the Poor catalog. Get the vinyl rip here or here.

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