Saturday, March 15, 2008

Drinking Electricity: Overload

Drinking Electricity was the synthpop duo of David Rome and Anne-Marie Heighway, with P.K. (Paul) Edgely frequently adding bass guitar to the mix. Rome and Heighway founded Survival Records in 1980. It would become one of the premiere "minimal techno" labels of the 80s, with a roster that included Richard Bone, Tik & Tok, Thirteen at Midnight, and Play. After a few singles they released their first and only album as Drinking Electricity, Overload, in 1982. The track listing is as follows:
A1 Breakout
A2 Discord Dance
A3 Good Times
A4 Colour Coding
A5 Fall
A6 Breakout II
B1 Countdown
B2 News Peak
B3 Twilight Zone
B4 Superstition
B5 The Promise
I've added two bonus tracks, the "Shakin' All Over" single (yes, the Johnny Kidd and the Pirates song) and its B-side, "China." Links removed: reissue coming soon from Medical Records.


Anonymous said...

this band has been playing with my mind for the last few weeks. then here they are...drinking electricity....thnaks

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, I have the album on Vinyl but I havn't heard it in years due to lack of a record player.It's so good to hear it again

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!

Paul Goodsort said...

Hey thanks for posting this.

I’m now playing some of their songs on my Internet Radio Station.

Quirky band deserving of another spin.



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Troy said...

This will be reissued on in the coming year. Please support indie labels!