Saturday, March 29, 2008

VA - The Art of Survival

A visitor to one of the previous Survival Records posts asked for the Richard Bone album; I haven't found that yet (there are those who make fun of people who shelve their records in order, but it really does help, since having one's records all out of order makes it hard to find a particular record, as I am reminded every day), but I did turn up another Survival Records sampler LP. The Art of Survival is from 1984 and includes:
A1 Hard Corps Respirer (To Breathe)
A2 Thirteen At Midnight Time Is Tight
A3 Eddie & Sunshine All I See Is You
A4 Tik & Tok Screen Me (I'm Yours)
A5 Play In My Mind
A6 Furniture Dancing The Hard Bargain
B1 Tik & Tok Higher Ground
B2 Eddie & Sunshine There's Someone Following Me
B3 Faith Global Earth Report
B4 Jeanette In The Morning
B5 Richard Bone Living In Party Town
B6 Thirteen At Midnight Skin Deep
This is simply one of the best original collections of indie synthpop ever, and the fact that all these acts were on the same label is is pretty amazing. Vinyl rip, get it here or here.


Anonymous said...

i've downloaded this from your blog in the past but I never got the chance to say thank you, so here I am again and...many thanks!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks mate! First link is still good, second one doesn't work, but this is an almost four year old post.

Fantod said...

You're welcome (both of you)! As you can see I'm not adding any more, but I do try to keep the files available. Or in this case, a steady trickle of downloaders keeps it active. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

any chance someone can send this to me? or re-up?