Saturday, March 29, 2008

Abstract Magazine 6: Audio/Visual

The late Rob Deacon's Sweatbox Records was another top UK label of the 80s, not in terms of sales but in terms of assembling a roster of cutting-edge postpunk bands. He started out publishing Abstract Magazine, which had the bonus of having an LP attached to it with songs by the bands covered in the magazine (often exclusive tracks or remixes), the LPs giving birth to Sweatbox. I've had a request for Abstract 6, Audio/Visual (1986), and as I had it handy from ripping the Chakk Theme, I've done up the whole thing in 192k mp3. It's a great collection focused on Sheffield and Manchester bands, my personal favorites being the industrial funk of Workforce, Chakk, and Hula:
A1 In The Nursery Breach Birth (Blockade Mix)
A2 Workforce Skin Scraped Back (Remix)
A3 Xymox Moscoviet Musquito (Remix)
A4 Blurt Gravespit (Live)
A5 Clair Obscur Smurf In The Goulag
B1 A Certain Ratio Sounds Like Something Dirty
B2 Anti Group, The Ha (Remix)
B3 Chakk Theme
B4 Hula Motor City Nightmare
B5 A Primary Industry They're Biting
Get it here. For a better view of the cover art and packaging, see


Anonymous said...

You're a star ! Thanks very much, I was the one that requested this, on the wagon for a week now (starting tomorrow). Cheers !

Fantod said...

You're quite welcome. Didn't mean to make you give up lager; if you must give up something, make it something less important, like food.


Philip Sherburne said...

Thank you for posting this! I bought this record when I was a teenager, no doubt because it contained Xymox, who at the time was to me pretty much the epitome of cool, alien and dangerous. (I don't know where I got this opinion; I'm sure I saw a photo of them with impressively spiky hair.) Anyway, the record split my 14-year old brain wide open. Somewhere along the way, I lost or sold it, so I'm thrilled to hear it again!

RobM said...

Thankyou - still have this on vinyl, but been unable to play it in years - brings back a lot of memories.