Thursday, January 1, 2009

Various Artists - 8 Essential Attitudes

For this entry we remain in Baltimore but go back a few years to 1985 for the Frantic Records sampler album 8 Essential Attitudes. The album cover depicts a can of "Cream of Baltimore" being poured onto a turntable: do not do this! It will ruin your turntable! Fortunately the package contains a solid vinyl LP which is perfectly suited to playing on a turntable. The "8 Essential Attitudes" are eight indie bands from the Baltimore area:
  1. Red Tape - I Know
  2. exibit A - yippi-i-o
  3. Beyond Words - On the Moon
  4. Thee Katatonix - Ordinary Sunday
  5. The View - Only Water
  6. Mission - When Thunder Comes
  7. Off the Wall - She's All Mine
  8. Clever Lines - After the Snow Melts
The most accomplished band here is Off the Wall, but their big-band rockabilly style is decidedly out of place. Red Tape lean toward an AOR sound, Thee Katatonix are the closest thing to punk rock here, Mission have a gothic vibe belied by their preppy appearance, exibit A have an indie-twee sound, Clever Lines go for the grand sound of UK acts like Duran Duran and Simple Minds, and Beyond Words and The View play middle-of-the-road new wave pop. Not as diverse as the gathering on the Merkin Seedy Sampler, but it's a smaller, earlier sample. Get the vinyl rip here or here. (I'm trying out flyupload with the second link; from what I've seen it has no waiting period and does allow download managers. Please let me know if there are any problems with it.)


crazylikeahorse said...

First you'd have to FIND a can of Cream of Baltimore.

And I think I bought the last case in 1994.

Anonymous said...

What was the name of the Baltimore punk club that was located in a townhouse? The bar was downstairs and the stage upstairs. I saw some good shows there in the late 80s or early 90s. I forgot when exactly.


Fantod said...

Was that Jules's Loft? I never got there myself, but saw many shows at the Marble Bar.

Anonymous said...


can you p l e a s e - p l e a s e - p l e a s s s s e re-up?
files are not downloadable.
rapidshare is a broken link
and flyupload (enterupload?)
is very "unfriendly", Uncomfortable and the file is missing.
will you re-up to mediafire (the best!!!) or megaupload
i am "waiting forward" & very enthusiastic to listen.
god bless you