Monday, January 26, 2009

Peter Hope - Kitchenette, Leather Hands, Surgeons 12-inches

I have had little time for ripping lately, but I do have an exciting external contribution to present: three 12-inch singles by Sheffield wild man Peter Hope from the heady 80s. Many thanks to reader Alex for passing the rips along! They are:

Peter Hope & the Jonathan S. Podmore Method - Kitchenette (1986)
  1. Kitchenette
  2. Toilet (non-LP track)
  3. The Unknown Industrial Fatality

Peter Hope & Richard H. Kirk - Leather Hands (1985)

  1. Leather Hands (Master Mix) (ten minutes long!)
  2. Leather Hands (Radio Mix)
  3. Leather Hands (Crash Mix)

Peter Hope & Richard H. Kirk - Surgeons/N.O. (1988)

  1. Surgeons (12inch mixxx)
  2. Surgeons (Beats)
  3. Surgeons (Resurgancy)
  4. N.O. (12inch mixxx)
  5. N.O. (Dub Beats)
  6. N.O. (Giant Dub)

Each record is in its own folder, all three folders in one .zip file: get it here or here. Links removed: Kitchenette to be reissued soon!


Anonymous said...

Ace ! Thank you once again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

I've been looking for "Toilet" ever since I bought the album back in the late 80's.

You've made a middle-aged man VERY happy!

Fantod said...

From one middle-aged man to another, you're welcome!

noisepress said...

never heard these:)
thank you again!

KevinRay said...

Please let me know if any of youall would like to have the album. I have copies of the Toilet single and the Dry Hip Rotation album. I only saw it once (at Wax and Facts in Atlanta) and the cover was so incredible that I bought it completely unheard (the album) and I have never seen the album again... and I have only seen the single once.

iceolate said...

Good stuff. I posted a review of Hoodoo Talk on my site, with a link back here for these downloads.