Friday, December 26, 2008

Various Artists - Merkin Records Seedy Sampler

Black Pete must have been the only alternative band in Baltimore that wasn't included on this 1989 20-band sampler CD from Merkin Records:
  1. U. Violets - Gade (actually Ultra-Violets, must have been a legal issue that prevented them using the name on this CD)
  2. All Mighty Senators - Wink (band still active)
  3. Lambs Eat Ivy - Serpentine
  4. Bazooka Joe - Insomnia
  5. Dark Carnival - Back to the Factory
  6. Monkeyspank - Dr. Omar
  7. Jade - Line
  8. Lungfish - Return Descender
  9. The Pearl Fishers - Black Box (not the David Scott band)
  10. The Unknown - Empty House of Night
  11. Rise - God Bless the Creeps
  12. Elements of Design - I Love a Man with Rhythm
  13. The Last Picture Show - Destination (led by writer Louis Maistros as Lu Maestro)
  14. Braver Noise - The Smiths Have Gone to Heaven
  15. Seesaw - Rochelle Bridges
  16. Motor Morons - Another Girl (may still be active, though no shows since 2007; imagine Devo songs played by Einstürzende Neubauten)
  17. Mark Harp - The Drill (guitarist for Null Set/Cabal, also of the Beatoes, Motor Morons, Chelsea Graveyard, the Diamondheads, etc.)
  18. Infant Lunch - Cut the Cord
  19. Grey March - Beneath the Sea
  20. Reptile House - Turning Disease
There's quite a variety of musical styles here: punk, gothic, new wave, Springsteenian populist rock, funk, and more. Get the CD rip here or here.


p. albert said...

This is excellent, as is your blog! It was a treat to find previously unheard Grey March. If you have anything else by them, I hope you'll share it.

blacknuns said...

Thankyou for your interst in the grey march material as i find it to be one of the best tracks from what would have been the bands second record.The album was finished in a rough mix but i am unsure where the tapes are.I hope that the songs will be released some time in the future

Jim said...

I have this on vinyl on on the Dispicable lable. This was the best release from B-Maore outside of Monkeysopanks Daemons Flew Out of My Mouth. I was around this scene in B-More thru the 80's and into the 90's and kept getting frustrated when Spank never got singed to major or recieved any good underground press. When