Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Living In Texas - Everything Was...

I am delighted to announce that I have some more Living In Texas rips to share, thanks to none other than the band's frontman Stephan James! First up is the compilation album Everything Was... from the French label Made In Heaven, which collects the earlier album Everything Is... and a few other tracks:
  1. Sweet Little A-Bomb Baby
  2. Something Wonderful
  3. Oh Yeah
  4. Everything Is
  5. Kill
  6. Can You Touch the Sun
  7. Superman Is Dead
  8. When I Close My Eyes
  9. Heart
  10. Where Do We Go From Here?
  11. Love That Child

I'm not quite sure where these songs fit in the Living In Texas chronology, but the bulk of it sounds similar to The Fastest Men Alive (1985) in terms of musical style and production, so I'm guessing it comes between 1985 and the 1991 album Believe. The most notable difference between this record and (presumably) earlier material from Living In Texas is the prevalence of piano in the mix; there is even a full-fledged piano ballad, "Superman Is Dead." A larger trend that was happening in the late 80s was "dark" bands becoming poppier (think of The Cure's progression from "A Forest" and "The Hanging Garden" to "The Love Cats" and "Why Can't I Be You"), and that trend is reflected in this music as well on tracks such as "Sweet Little A-Bomb Baby," "Something Wonderful," and "Kill." But true to form, Living In Texas put a little more bite into it than the norm. Another standout in the sound is the chiming acoustic rhythm guitars in "Oh Yeah" and "Everything Is," the latter of which intercuts the band's trademark manic rockabilly with an expansive, arena-worthy chorus. And speaking of arenas, the album closer "Love That Child" is what U2 might have sounded like at the peak of their popularity (early 90s?) if they remembered to rock! In short, these eleven rare Living In Texas tracks rank with the band's finest and make an already-impressive body of work even moreso; get them here or here.


Anonymous said...

Well, I have only to say thank you for sharing these songs; I have always thought they were part of a kind of 'lost album'. I hope I shall soon find the time to listen to them, thanks again.

P.S. I think it's time for me to share everything I know about LIT; down below you will find what I consider to be a complete LIT discography, I own almost every record in the list. Soon a new post with track lists and some explanation, if needed. Bye.

And David cried/An dem bahnhof Rhythmic Records rmns2
1982 7"

My end of heaven Rebirth International rebirth 20
1983 12"

Kingdom Chainsaw tex 1
1984 7"

Kingdom Chainsaw text 1
1984 12"

God bless America Chainsaw text 2
1985 12"

Living in texas Chainsaw atex 3
1985 lp

Italia live eighty-five Chainsaw latex 5
1985 lp

Glad bad sad & mad Chainsaw text 9
1985 12"

Girl in the red leather coat/Mr. fish Chainsaw xtext 9
1985 7" (promo)

Beautiful/Bring on the rain Chainsaw xatex 10
1986 7" (promo)

The fastest men alive Chainsaw atex 10
1986 lp

The history of rock & roll Supporti fonografici sf 011
1986 12"

The fastest men alive Comotion cmt 80 027
1987 12"

Cowboy dream/Yellow rose of texas b-8157
1987 7" (promo)

Cowboy dream ned 15
1987 12" (promo)

Cowboy dream Big beat ned 15
1987 12"

The devil's tune Accelerating Blue Fish acclp 12
1987 lp

I'll always remember you/She lives inside my head Wanted 2035767
1989 7"

The end of the beginning Wanted 7 93509 2
1989 2cd

Believe Cent pour cent 628502
1991 cd

Believe Cent pour cent 528502
1991 lp

All you gotta do is…believe/I am the universe Cent pour cent 198504
1991 cds

Shower me with pleasure/Indifference Cent pour cent 95246
1992 cds

We have to add:

Beautiful/Television 7"
Rock'n'horreur comp,
of course.
Imminent vol.2 Comp

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Fantod said...

Michele, a belated "Thank you" for your comprehensive list of LIT releases. That is definitely more than I knew of!


Anonymous said...

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Edu Verme said...

Hey, can you upload again this album? I don't find it anywhere and this links are dead! Please, share again!!!!!!