Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Isolation Ward - Absent Heart

Thank goodness for the Internet and its volunteers who fill in information about mysterious records I've owned for years but know virtually nothing about. One such record is the "Absent Heart" 12" by Isolation Ward. Here is the Wikipedia entry for Isolation Ward (as of Dec. 2. 2008):
Isolation Ward is a New Wave/Experimental band from Brussels, Belgium. Founding members are Jean Pierre Everaerts (Bass), Stephane Willocq (Guitar), Thierry Heyndericks (Keyboards, Vocals, Trumpet), and Etienne Vernaeve (Drums). Contributing vocals/guitar included, Nathalie Bourlard (Vocals), Anne Kinna(Nanou) (Vocals: Lamina Christus), Sylvie Honnay (Vocals: Absent Heart, A Request), Niki Mono (Vocals: only for the last concert), Eric Vanhoutte(Guitar), and Jerry WX (Guitar). Formed in 1980, the band released Lamina Christus on 7" Vinyl in 1982(Issued through Radical Records, France Crepuscule Section Francaise/Radical RAD 008 ) and Absent Heart on 12 " Vinyl in 1983 on the Les Disques du Crepuscule label. Both of these releases were produced by Gilles Martin and Peter Principle. The band disbanded in 1983. Isolation Ward's final recordings, Point De Départ and Point Final were released on the Présence label in 1984.
"Lamina Christus" reappears as the third track (of three) on the Absent Heart 12", and it's no wonder they re-used it as it is their strongest song. Like many Crepuscule releases, the sound falls somewhere between Factory gloom and 4A.D. gothicism. Get the Absent Heart vinyl rip here or here.


Anonymous said...


I am looking for the one and only album of Eddie & Sunshine -"Perfect Strangers" released by Survival on 1983.

Do you have this one? Can you post it? Or maybe you know, where I can find it in a blogosphere?


Fantod said...

Ooh, that's a tough one. I have never seen a copy nor found it on the web. I'll keep looking, though, and will certainly post here if I find it.

Anonymous said...


iceolate said...

Strangely enough, Discogs does not have JP Everaerts listed as a member of Isolation Ward. For the record, he went on to work on albums by The Force Dimension, Mussolini Headkick, Neon Judgement, and others.

Anonymous said...

Steve Rare = Everaerts = anagram!

Sull'Amaca said...

is it possible to have the download, please?

Chris Moon said...

I have that Eddie & Sunshine album....unfortunately it's damaged. I lost loads of vinyl in a house fire a while back but I kept the 'Perfect Strangers' out of sentimentality as I saw them live in about 1983. I suddenly had an urge to listen to the album but when I hauled it out its to badly wrecked so I went online to see if I could find a download of it!