Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Black Pete - Mississippi Queen

In the late 80s industrial dance music was all the rage in alternative circles; labels such as Wax Trax in Chicago, Play It Again Sam in Belgium, and Nettwerk in Canada were putting out tons of releases, with many of the acts making the jump to major labels (Ministry, Skinny Puppy, etc.). But one of the only stabs at this genre from Baltimore that I can recall* was a one-off 12" by Black Pete, the duo of George Hagegeorge and ex-Null Set/Cabal singer Bill Dawson. A bass player was added for live shows, though I don't know if one ever happened. I think the record actually got issued by two labels somehow; here is the Calvert Street Records version. The A-side is a cover of Mountain's "Mississippi Queen" (which Ministry would cover in a similar vein 19 years later), and the B-side contains the two original tracks "Vicious" and "Ablaze". It sounds more like heavy metal guys adding a drum machine and sequencer to make industrial music rather than an electro band adding metal guitar, but whatever the case it's good for some retro cyber-headbanging. Hagegeorge is now a photographer; Dawson is now a tattoo artist based in Florida. Get the vinyl rip here or here.

* There was also Glitch. Any more?

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Anonymous said...

Marshal's / Calvert Street Cafe / Play Skool whatever it was called at the time had a show with "Black Pete" around '90 or so. Two black females in lingerie danced and did fake lesbian acts while they played. I do not think much was live. I cannot remember if there was a bass player or not...

Scott Henry before he was the international known DJ was the promoter and did a lot for the Baltimore and DC scenes. He brought bands like Killing Joke, A Split Second, Frontline Assembly and Pop Will Eat Itself to that building.