Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Makaton Chat - Strange Beach

Makaton Chat were a four-piece band from Stockton, UK, who released one single (Federal State Chance, 1982) and one album (Strange Beach, 1983) on Trans Records. Band members were:

  • Anthony Lindo: lead vocal, keyboards
  • John Hodgson: keyboards, vocal
  • Paul Fowler: drums
  • Richard Holmes: bass

On Strange Beach they are joined by:

  • Sally Jones: saxophones
  • Roy Neave: guitars
  • Steve Graham: guitars
I would classify their music as "UK alternative pop," somewhere along the lines of Haircut 100. There are a few really stunning tracks on Strange Beach (Dormant Skyline, Lines, Festival), and several more good ones, ten tracks in all. Get the vinyl rip here or here. I'm not sure when Makaton Chat broke up; there are a couple live clips on YouTube from 1986:

These performances show the band as a five-piece; does anyone know who the guitarist was for that gig (Dovecot Arts Centre, 1986)?


Anonymous said...

Nice album, but for me the best track is - The Shape Of The Song - which is on the compilation - Your Secret's Save With Us

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's the keyboard player from Makaton Chat here - the two guitarists in the video are Andrew Kier (aka Kermit) on the left, and Chris Graham on the right.