Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ronald Shannon Jackson - Mandance

Very few drummers are also bandleaders, but the bands that Ronald Shannon Jackson has put together (as The Decoding Society) are smokin', and none moreso than the lineup of 1982's Mandance:
Henry Scott, trumpet and flugelhorn (tracks 3-7)
Zane Massey, saxophones (tenor, alto, soprano)
Vernon Reid, guitars and banjo
Melvin Gibbs, electric bass
Reverend Bruce Johnson, electric bass
David Gordon, trumpet (tracks 1, 2, and 8)
Lee Rozie, saxophone (tracks 1, 2, and 8)

And of course Jackson on drums throughout. As someone who grew up listening mostly to rock music, when I ventured into jazz I naturally gravitated toward jazz with a rock edge, and this is one of the rockingest jazz albums I've ever heard. They just don't let up! The list of musicians that Jackson has collaborated with is a veritable Who's Who of free jazz and its modern variants: Ornette Coleman, James Blood Ulmer, Albert Ayler, Bill Frisell, Peter Brötzmann, Bill Laswell, and Albert Mangelsdorff, to name a few, not to mention the players on this spectacular disc. The tracks are:
01-Man Dance
05-The Art of Levitation
06-Belly Button
08-When Souls Speak
09-Alice in the Congo

Originally released on vinyl by Island's Antilles imprint, this rip is from the Japanese CD release on Polystar @192kbps; get it here or here.


Anonymous said...

Aw, man. I just bought this on vinyl yesterday. But since my needle is shot, this will be nice to listen to while I wait on a new one (and no pops or clicks - sweet!).

This is one of my faves of his, heavier than much of the later Decoding Society stuff. Also really like Pulse (reissued as Puttin On Dog) a lot, although quite a different release from the Decoding Society LPs.

-'fats comet'

Neroon001 said...

have not heard this before I am familar with the guitar player (he is just amazing) and the bassist's ( there has to be 2 to keep up with RSJ imho) but the horn players are not they could be on the 2 albums I have but it's written in Japanese so I have no clue thank you very much for giving me a chance to hear this record

Anonymous said...

Thank you!