Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Living In Texas - S/T LP

I found another Living In Texas album hiding on my shelves, their first full-length album from 1984, on their own Chainsaw label. I can't remember ever listening to it all the way through, but I did while ripping it, and I've fallen in love with "This Blood Religion." It's a full-fledged gothic ballad, beautifully arranged with three divergent vocal tracks during the verses. And the band's Theatre of Hate influence reveals itself also: Living In Texas had a different instrumental lineup (no saxophone) and singer Stephan James doesn't have Kirk Brandon's distinctive wail, but "Here Come the Boat Traders" would be right at home on a ToH tribute album. These two songs and one other, "Me (The Other Side of)", appear on the Living In Texas live album posted previously, but they all come across much better in these original studio versions. This album was packaged in a rather lavish gatefold sleeve; the cover art is a bit drab, but there's a great spread inside the gatefold, by "The Rorschach Design Studios," which I'm guessing is actually guitarist Daniel Glee. I've included the interior art in the .zip file; get it here or here.


elektro80s said...

Thanks for this album, I've enjoyed the others Living In Texas albums posted previously in your blog.


Capa Nostra said...

Amazing Blog!
Thanks for all the musical relics you give us to joy our hearts.

Greetings from Chile.

Kevin said...

nice one! thanks!

Fantod said...

Thank you all for the notes, I really do like sharing my enjoyment of these old records with others.

Capa Nostra, I love your blog too!

Highlander said...

Thanks for this and the other 'Living In Texas' rips.

mad hatter said...

been looking for this particular record for ages!
you made my day.

love your blog


Anonymous said...

thanx - it kinda makes it worthwhile having made these records when I read only one of your comments.I think this site is fab and will continue to tune in.
Spacegirl And The Cowboys - (used to be known as - Stephan James.)

Anonymous said...

Drab, sir? I think you mean lush, don't you? Our first album was the best cover of its year. The record company never gave us any money because they said it cost so much. Such is life.
Great to read your very pertinent comments and of course I'm flattered, the band did go to shit after I left.
Kind regards
Dan Glee

RadioactiveKiddie said...

Hey Dan (Glee), Could you get in touch Re: Rorshach Design Studio, way back... Would be much appreciated,
Ta.. 😊