Sunday, July 6, 2008

Various Artists - Imminent 2

In 1985 and 1986 the Food Ltd. label released four compilation albums entitled Imminent 1-4. Each one was a superb sampling of UK indie acts of the day, cutting across all styles and genres of rock music. A rip of the first one, featuring exclusive tracks by Eric Random and Brilliant, among others, is available at the excellent but seemingly abandoned blog Dirk Wears White Sox. A rip of the second volume is available right here. On Imminent 2 we get skronk from Biting Tongues and Gasrattle, a shimmering synthpop ballad from Recipe, an early demo from 400 Blows, Karl Blake riffing on Bad Company (!) with the Shock Headed Peters, an extended soundscape from UV Pop, some hard Sheffield throb from Hula, grebo from Zodiac Mindwarp, and more noisy rock from the rest of the bunch. Some tracks are unavailable elsewhere, I think, though I'm not going to research each song. Here's the full list:
01 Kill Ugly Pop - Church of Bloody Deception
02 Biting Tongues - The Boss Toyota Trouble
03 UV Pop - Zuitar
04 Gasrattle - Beach Party
05 Recipe - Home's Over
06 Living In Texas - Hate Me More II
07 Shock Headed Peters - Head Thorax Abdomen
08 400 Blows - Strangeways
09 Sting-Rays - Never Had It So Good
10 Hula - Bad Blood
11 Deep Freeze Mice - Here Comes the Sun Explosion
12 Zodiac Mindwarp - Drug Shoes
Get the vinyl rip here or here. The LP came with a poster, too:


Anonymous said...

Well, I am not too fond of music between 1984 and 1988, mostly due to that horrible drum machine sound everbody spoilt their records with. And so I do not like too many pieces on this record. But one I did not know of is just beautiful: the Recipe track you give an extra mention of. Thank you for this rare gem! Is there any chance you can post the other three compilations?

Fantod said...

Don't know if you've seen it yet, but I did post Recipe's only album here. As for the Imminent comps, I only have 1 and 2, and another blog has #1 posted (I've put a link in the Imminent 2 blurb). That said, this hobby has got me buying records again, so if I get 3 or 4 I will certainly rip them and up them.

Anonymous said...

Great, thanks again! I cannot wait listening to Recipe. (But do not spend too much money for making other people happy ;))

Anonymous said...

Worth it for that Shock Headed Peters track! Thanks... IBx