Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SLAB! - Sanity Allergy

Here is the elusive final album from the mighty SLAB!, Sanity Allergy, on Ink Records, 1988, ten more reasons to get excited about Slab's resumption of operations:
  1. Last Detail
  2. Fourth Warning
  3. Station KY
  4. Son of Sloth
  5. Born in a Wreck
  6. Sanity Allergy
  7. Cancer Beach
  8. Switchback Ride
  9. Land of the Midnight Sun
  10. Visiting Hour

These are some of the heaviest grooves ever committed to vinyl; the beats and scraping guitars and menacing vocals really do hit like slabs of granite, and I mean that in a good way! The uptempo instrumental "Son of Sloth" has the sheer animal vigor that more modern "action music" groups like The Crystal Method can only aspire to. The other uptempo track, "Cancer Beach," is catchy as hell with a killer bridge; don't listen to the people who slag it off! Get a vinyl rip of Sanity Allergy here or here, and keep an eye out for a new Slab album (which will not be posted here--support the band and buy it!).

See the delightfully-named blog Cliff Richard's Neck for Slab's first collection, Music from the Iron Lung, and their 1986 Peel Session.


the mosesman said...

Many thanks for the kind words and the link to the webpage

People may want to read another blog by Chip Smith which has a lot of info about Slab

and there is also the fansite started by Sweet Billy Pilgrim


Stephen Dray

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