Monday, September 29, 2008

Ballistic Kisses - Wet Moment

New York-based Ballistic Kisses released two albums: Total Access in 1982 (available at Mutant Sounds), and Wet Moment in 1983, both on the quirkily-named UK label Don't Fall Off The Mountain. Trouser Press doesn't think much of this one:
Wet Moment is a tedious cross between the B-52's and Gang of Four: minimal melodies, propulsive rhythms and bleak vocals. It's easy to believe freaked-out tunes like "Emotional Ice" and "Everything Leaks," but how alienated do you really want to feel?

But it's really better than that. True, there are not many melodies to speak of, and no real hooks to linger in your mind, but if you just like the sound of 80s minimal synthpop then there's plenty here to enjoy. There's so much, in fact, that it wouldn't all fit on a single record: the 54 minutes of music was spread out over a 33rpm 8-song LP and a 45rpm 3-song 12". The band lineup is:

  • Michael Hrynyk: keyboards, vocals
  • Richard McClusky: percussions, vocals
  • Michael Parker: vocals
  • Jeff Freund: guitars, vocals

There's some pretty cool bass guitar on several of the songs, too, which I presume is one of the "guitars" credited to Jeff Freund. Get the Wet Moment vinyl rip here or here.


mug said...

Thanks lots, I have the Total Access LP., which, I believe, does have one or two songs with hooks. Never even knew about this one! Another fabulous post at Fantod. Looking forward to hearing it. Cheers!

Capa Nostra said...

Very nice! I have always enjoyed all these rare minimal gems.

Thank you.

Fantod said...

You're both welcome, thanks for visiting!

Fantod said...
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matt said...

Went looking for this a year ago... Glad I checked again while the link was still good...

I love the Total Access LP... Tough Shit and Black & Broke are classics... lyrically bleak, sure... but there's a black humor that Ira & Co. at Trouser Press seemed to miss the first time out... Anyway, can't wait to hear this one... Thanks!

Awesome (but short) clip of Ballistic Kisses on youtube:

Audiozobe said...

Still, there are a few hooks to be found (Emotional Ice comes to mind). Some of this music doesn't age gracefully, to be honest - but then again, when you listen to Phoenix, Felix The Housecat and other modern acts, certainly those albums have some relevance...

Thanks for sharing!