Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Exposure - Wild!

Here's a fairly obscure album from the 80s: Wild! by Exposure, Statik STAT LP 19, 1984. Of the nine bands named Exposure at discogs.com, this is the ninth, and at the time I'm writing, this album is not listed on their page. Exposure was a multiracial five-man band that played the kind of new-wave-tinged mainstream rock that was so successful for bands like INXS and The Fixx. Members were:
  • Ashton Liburd: voice
  • Boy: guitar synthesizer
  • Tony Doyle: lead guitar
  • Paul Gold: bass guitars and voice
  • Ed Butler: drums and heavy percussion

None of these fellows seem to have many credits after Exposure; any info on their later careers is welcome. "Edge" on side 2 (track 8) could have been a hit, I think, but for the most part Exposure was stuck between genres, neither traditional enough nor quirky enough to really break through. Maybe not distinctive enough, either, although still pleasant enough to listen to. Get the vinyl rip here or here.

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Anonymous said...

Before this we were 'positive signals'

Ashton and Paul went on to 'two tribes' and recorded several discs.

we were young - we had fun - and it's alright.
Boy - 3 September 2010