Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jack-Knife: I Wish You Would (John Wetton)

Jack-Knife was a 1979 one-off recording project of John Wetton (lead vocals, bass, keyboards), Richard Palmer-James (guitars), John Hutcheson (Hammond organ, piano, backing vocals), and Curt Cress (drums and percussion). About the project, Wetton says:

Really, what it was, Jack Knife was an excuse, because I had a record deal, it was an excuse for me to indulge myself and a few friends who had been at school with me, and to do an album of the songs that we used to play when we were at school together. It was never meant to be a serious career move. But in fact it still sells okay, it's not a bad seller. And people I speak to say, oh I hated it when it came out, but I kinda like it now (laughs). I went straight from UK to Jack Knife, and then back to UK again, it was coming out of the sauna getting into an ice bath and then getting back into the sauna again, that's what it was like for me. It was an indulgence to do that record. [Full interview here.]
It's half blues covers and half originals, with some energetic bass playing by Wetton (especially on the title track), some tasty solos by Palmer-James, and several great drum breaks for the groove miners. Additional credits go to Peter Bischof (extra voices), Michael Lohmann (saxophone), and Christian Schultz (Mini Moog).

Vinyl rip, mp3@128, 33.9M.
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Anonymous said...

Great album. I always loved Wetton with Crimson, and even the first Asia (when the songs were written by Wetton & guitarist Steve Howe), but not the 2nd (songs by Wetton & keyboardist Geoff Downes - too damn sappy).

Fantastic stuff. I probably would have hated this in my prog-obsessed days, but I sure like it now. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Interesting album, John Wetton has always that great voice...
By the way, ASIA's "Alpha" is a great album!!!

Anonymous said...

Great side project during John Wetton's UK-time. It's a relaxed and funny album that was commercially a flop but is very entertaining. You can hear, nobody want's it to be a hit. They only do what they like.

When I first heard it I was a little mixed 'cos I've been too Crimsonised, but quickly loved it. This is the kind of music John Wetton played with Richard Palmer-James in is very beginnings in the 60's before he joined JL's Brotherhood aka Mogul Thrash.

It's very worth to have it. Thanks for sharing it here !!!

John Sposato said...

Just reissued with Monkey Business.