Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chakk indie label singles

This blog is going to be harder than I thought. I planned on sharing many of the vinyl rips that I've made for myself over the years, but as I get ready to upload an album I keep finding that another blogger has already done it. Eric Random's fantastic Ishmael mini-LP? No Longer Forgotten Music posted it last August. Mekanik Kommando's It would be quiet in the woods...? Mutant Sounds posted it last May. Belfegore's A Dog Is Born? Mutant Sounds again. Phoenix Hairpins and New Romantic Rules likewise cover a lot of material I have. Still, I have a few rips that I haven't seen elsewhere, and I have some more in the pipeline. Here's a collection of Chakk's independent-label 12" singles, i.e. before and after their one-album association with MCA. Chakk was the funkiest of the 80s Sheffield bands and should have made it big. Included here are:

Out of the Flesh 12" (Doublevision, three mixes)
You 12" (the first release on FON, two mixes of "You" and two of "They Say"),
Chakk Theme from Abstract Magazine 6 (Audio/Visual) on Sweatbox

Timebomb 12" (FON, three mixes)
Bloodsport 12" (FON, three mixes, as backing band for South African band the Swanhunters; sounds just like Chakk, though)

14 tracks in all, mp3@128, 70.2 M.

According to, Chakk put out an album-length cassette in 1982 called Clocks and Babies. If anyone could hook me up with a copy (or a rip) of that, I would be eternally grateful!

New links: Get zip file here or here.
Chakk on MySpace.


Anonymous said...

many thanks, i have the out of the flesh but could never track down the other 12" at the time.
they were good weren't they? i always thought of chakk as a start of a whole genre of music that just never happened.... oh well.

Fantod said...

Oh, what might have been... Still, I'm thankful for what they left behind, and who knows, maybe someone will pick it back up again.

Eden263 said...

Oh No! Link is lost, download site is closed. How can I survive without the love that is Chakk? Fantod, hear my despair!

Chakk were awesome, I have 10 Days on vinyl and two singles also.

Much overlooked band!

Fantod said...

Thanks for the note, I forgot I still had a Shareonall link. I've added new links: Mediafire and Rapidshare!

mark e said...

i loved these 12" singles at the time.
many thanks for posting - you have filled a massive hole in my mp3 collection.
i mean how massive does "Out of the flesh" still sound !
mark e/ireallylovemusic

Anonymous said...

Have everything commercially released & have ripped all my singles.There is a 9-track digital release on iTunes only,inc. Out Of The Flesh,You,They Say,Imagination 12",Imagination dub & the 4 tracks off the Timebomb 12",now called Take Your Time.I have a version of Lovetrip called Turn The Sound Out off a magazine comp & a Janice Long session from '85 that includes,Stare Me Out,Imagination,Big Hot Blues & Brain,real raw,quality session too,that I've ripped to mp3,tell me how to upload & I'll share.Cheers,Mark.

Fantod said...

Mark, if you use to send me the files (funderglass at yahoo dot com), I can take care of the uploading. Thanks for the offer!


Richard said...

Thanks for putting these up - haven't heard them for years. I had '10 days' - thought it was patchy but when it was good it was very good, and thought Timebomb was one of the best 12"s of the 80s - I really loved the remixes. If they were rereleased I'd buy them in a heartbeat. Along with Age Of Chance I think they're one of the unjustly overlooked bands of this poeriod.

Priories Historical Society said...

Chakk in yesterday's Guardian

orlando said...

if anyone is there, I'm john stuart, ex- of Chakk. I'm djing for a showing of 'the beat is the law' movie in Barcelona in a couple of weeks and would like to include the track 'years I worked'. there is an unreleased vocal version of this that I doubt anyone has, but the (I think) extended bonus 12" version someone uploaded to youtube would be cool. why don't I have it? long story. here's an email:

selfish said...

Does anyone still have these, and can upload them somewhere? All the links up there have gone kaput!

selfish said...

This comment is just so that I get notified if anyone posts a response - Fantod, are you reading me?