Friday, December 18, 2009

SLAB! archival track

No new rips yet (having a slow period ripwise), but Steve Dray did drop a comment with a link to a previously unreleased SLAB track, a seriously rockin' rehearsal recording of "Death's Head Soup". It's so good I'm promoting it to a full-fledged post. Here is Dray's note:

finally put up a rare version of Slab doing Deaths Head Soup

its one of the very first rehearsal versions.... very scuzzy and dirty
vaguely Stooge like ...sorry it glitches here and there

Get it!


Mikeyten said...

Merry Xmas and all the best for the New Year, thanks for a great blog and sharing fantasic music, cheers Mikeyten

Event Music said...

I have embarked on a mp3 backfill of my extensive 80's vinyl, Slab! Descension is on the list, but maybe you beat me to it? Album rips take me a while because I usually do a full remaster (digital noise subtraction, re-EQ, etc...)...

I am looking also for Athletico Spizz '80, and SA42 releases


NashSpaceRocket said...

peel session #3 1988/03/07

i see you don't pst much now, but i figurd you were the guy to send a slab link to.

Fantod said...

Thanks for the link, Nash, it is much appreciated!

(I don't post much now because I ran out of records to rip that aren't available on other blogs.)


Patricia Dunn said...

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