Monday, June 8, 2009

Various Artists - Rock'n'Horreur

Here is another album courtesy of Stephan James/Stephen J. Munson of Living In Texas: Rock'n'Horreur, a French compilation of psychobilly bands from 1989 (or 1990, details are sketchy). Most of the bands are French as well, with the exceptions of Batmobile (Dutch) and Hi Grip (Swiss). Living In Texas, represented here by their best song, "The Girl in the Red Leather Coat," were actually English but had laregly relocated to France by this time. While the eleven bands here take different approaches to rockabilly, injecting varying degrees of camp horror, the influence of the Cramps is always felt. The track listing is:

Rock Side:

  • 01 Crabs - Mort Au Volant
  • 02 Batmobile - Amazones from Outer Space
  • 03 Washington Dead Cats - Babe You're a Nightmare
  • 04 Dead Ox Gulch - Vendredi 13 Pour Beurki Crado
  • 05 Rocco and the Rays - Ballad of John Lee Hopper

Horreur Side:

  • 06 Burial Party - Flat Twin Woman
  • 07 Living In Texas - The Girl in the Red Leather Coat
  • 08 Happy Drivers - Nervous Man
  • 09 Wampas - Seul
  • 10 Los Mescaleros - Witches Revenge
  • 11 Hi Grip - Kleopatra
The name of the record company is not even listed anywhere, unless it is AR; the catalog number is AR 002. The collection was compiled by Mat Firehair of the Washington Dead Cats. I have included a large photo of the back cover in case you want to try to read the liner notes (in French and English). The blue type on amber background is hard to read on the jacket itself; it is even harder to read in the pic, but it is still barely legible. And now that I take the time to read it, it's not at all informative, just a few sentences that link the song titles together into a "story". Oh well, delete it if you like, I won't be offended. Get the vinyl rip here or here.


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