Monday, May 11, 2009

Various Artists - Live at the 101: Band'its at 10 O'Clock

Here is another album from 101 Records via Polydor, documenting live performances at Clapham Junction's 101 Club. Also from 1980, the track listing on this one is:

01 The Scene - All People Go Mad
02 The Hit Men - She's All Mine
03 The V.I.P.'s - Causing Complications
04 The Piranhas - Yap Yap Yap
05 Real To Real - White Man Reggae
06 Holly and the Italians - Chapel of Love
07 Electric Eels - Thoroughly Modern
08 Jane Kennaway & Strange Behaviour - Catch Cool
09 Thompson Twins - Squares and Triangles
10 Huang Chung - Baby I'm Hu-Man
11 Comsat Angels - Independence Day
12 Wasted Youth - Jealousy
I have determined that The Scene is an early name for the band Giants, who released "All People Go Mad" as a single in 1982. Giants featured guitaris/songwriter Gordon Reaney and singer Paul Cox. The Hit Men soon consolidated their name to The Hitmen, the first band on Ben Watkins' road to fame. The Hitmen's two albums are also available on this blog (with "She's All Mine" appearing on the first); see here. The V.I.P.'s formed at Warwick University in 1978; lead singer Jed Dmochowski left in 1980 to pursue a solo career, the rest of the band forming Mood Six. See below for a vintage video of "Causing Complications." The Piranhas went on to some success, with their song "Tom Hark" becoming an enduring football anthem (I am told). Real To Real included a pre-Depeche Mode Alan Wilder. Holly Beth Vincent/Holly and the Italians had a couple alternative hits with "Tell That Girl To Shut Up" and "Dangerously." I can't find any information on the Electric Eels (they are definitely not the 70s punk band from Ohio); the "Thoroughly Modern" songwriting credits are for Methane Wernick and Mad Molecule, which I am pretty sure are aliases. They are obviously big fans of Eno-era Roxy Music, and their musical chops are far above most of the other bands included here. Jane Kennaway put out a couple singles and has a band now called A Different Kind of Honey. The Thompson Twins really date-stamp this record with a live version of their single "Squares and Triangles" and its repeated chorus of "one-nine-eight-o," bearing little resemblance to their later hit material. Wang Chung appear as Huang Chung; Sheffield's Comsat Angels put in a version of "Independence Day," a song they later recorded for two different studio albums; and Wasted Youth's "Jealousy" sounds like a twisted remake of "Crimson and Clover." Get the vinyl rip here or here.

I've got one more Live at the 101 comp to rip and share, then it's on to other things.


Charlie said...

Electric Eels were formaly known as the Warm Jets. The line up was (from memory) Paul Balence Vocals, Maciek Hrborvic Guitar, Paul Jeffries bass, Milton Reame James keyboards, and I really can't remember the name of the drummer. As the Warm Jets they had small success on the pub circuit and gained a Sounds single of the week with Sticky Jack. Reame James and Jeffries had previously recorded with Be Bop Deluxe (Futurama I think) and toured with a version of Cockney Rebel. Balence was a one time roadie for Roxy Music. Paul Jeffries was killed in the Lockerbie air disaster. I will be posting some Warm Jets stuff on my blog shortly.

Charlie said...

Hi, Charlie again. I've posted my Warm Jets/Electric Eels review and hopefully corrected all my spelling mistakes of the band's names.

Fantod said...

Charlie, thanks for all the info, I love learning about the people behind the recordings. That's quite a nice blog you've got (I played the hell out of "Passion Killer" way back when), I've added it to my blogroll. Feel free to rehost any of the tracks you find here (with a link back to my page if you would). Cheers!


Matt said...

The Scene - Lead singer Tony Lyons (my father)Do you know if this is available on CD or would you be able to upload this song? Really appreciate it - cheers!