Thursday, October 9, 2008

Perennial Divide - Beehead EP

How about some more Perennial Divide? 1987 saw them release just one record, the four-track Beehead EP:
  1. Beehead
  2. World Spread
  3. Gentle As A Fawn Is Warm
  4. Clamp

"Clamp" is a 40-second sound collage, so Beehead is essentially a three-song EP. But they're good songs, especially "World Spread," which after an excessively long intro settles into an energetic breakbeat groove with a popping bassline. The other two songs are the same kind of noisy, off-kilter funk that made Purge so great. Get the vinyl rip here or here. That does it for my Perennial Divide collection. There was another 12", "Burndown", in 1986, which was packaged together with a repressing of Purge; I didn't buy that one, as I already had Purge and didn't want to buy a second copy just to get a new 12". Then in 1988 there was an unofficial release of "Leathernecks," but I never found a copy. If you come across rips of either 12", please let me know in the comments.


Otto Maddox said...
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Otto Maddox said...

I'm really digging "purge," I hope "Beehead" delivers just as well. I'm continually amazed at the quality of hard to find releases you post. Thank you! Thank you!

I'm a fan of fantod!

W. said...

Thanks for Perennial Divide, nice to have them on my computer, they've got even better with time.

Sweatbox had some really great releases, cool label.

Anonymous said...

i own the burn down 12 ",
i ripped the vinyl ?
do you need a copy ?

Fantod said...

Yes I do need a copy, a rip would be most appreciated!

Fantod said...

Otto, w., you're welcome, and thank you for visiting!

Max said...

Hi Fantod! Huge fan of the blog - I used to jam on Meat Beat Manifesto back in high school, love to hear more Perennial Divide. One problem tho: links one and two don't work. Repost please?

Fantod said...

Re-upped: links in original post now point to active archives.